A nagual seer embraces his proper tonal
Quetzalcoatl practitioner
Tensegrity Melbourne

Welcome to Tensegrity® - Melbourne

Tensegrity® - Melbourne offers sessions and formal classes in the practice of Carlos Castaneda's Magical Passes® and Tensegrity®.

Tensegrity® is the modern version of a tradition of practice taught by Don Jaun Matus, a seer from Mexico. He trained his apprentices: Carlos Castaneda, Carol Tiggs, Florinda Donner-Grau and Taisha Abelar who now present the teachings for modern practitioners through Cleargreen in the United States..

Tensegrity®, Magical Passes® and Theater of Infinity® are registered trademarks used with permission of Cleargreen.

Current Practice Sessions

Classes continue every week - on Sunday - in North Fitzroy at 2pm. The current classes are:

- Recapitulation and Movement

For further details see below or check the session schedule.

Calendar 2019

Tensegrity® practice continues every week in North Fitzroy on Sundays at 2pm.

Check the full session schedule for 2019 and beyond. Bookings are essential for new comers and please check the schedule before attending.

What is Tensegrity®?

I would like you to do something today. I would like you to suspend judgment. ... Today I want to ask you, just for an hour, to open yourself to the option I'm going to present.
Carlos Castaneda

Tensegrity® practices provide a rare insight into the life and means used by the sorcerer's of ancient Mexico to attain freedom of perception.

Partcipants are welcome to attend one or many practice classes at anytime. Discounts are available for multiple classes. The session go for 1.5 to 2 hours and begin at 2pm in North Fitzroy on Sundays. More Information

When we approach a path of learning that is not familiar (or it is familiar and we've come to look again) it's appropriate to suspend judgement until we have a degree of immersion. Carlos Castaneda, Carol Tiggs and their peers present a the teachings of Don Juan as a valid rendition of a modern spiritual path that is available to anyone.

The fundamentals of Tensegrity® are surprisingly simple - Tensegrity® is the mastery of perception which leads to a free and meaningful life!

This mastery, where the infinity of perceptible phenomena comes into our grasp, is broken into three key areas:
- Mastery of Behaviour
- Mastery of the Art of Dreaming and Awareness
- Mastery of Intent

The teachings of Don Juan and the line of ancient seers isn't complicated but it takes steadiness and patience.

Tensegrity® is not an institution (religious or otherwise), Tensegrity® is a system of practices that help us find silence and wellbeing based on the teachings of a lineage that comes from ancient Mexico.


Quetzalcoatl Tensegrity®, Magical Passes® and Theater of Infinity® are registered trademarks used with permission of Cleargreen
  1. Image top right, A nagual seer of the Plumed Serpent lineage (Quetzalcoatl) embraces his proper tonal. (this statue from Monte-Alban in Oaxaca, Mexico)
  2. Image top left, A practitioner of Inner Fire of the Plumed Serpent lineage. (this statue from Monte-Alban in Oaxaca, Mexico)
  3. Image left, A Plumed Serpent head (Quetzalcoatl). (photograph from the Quetzalcoatl temple-patio in Teotihuacan, Mexico)
  4. Background image, Monte-Alban sunken patio with a Quetzal in the relative foreground