A nagual seer embraces his proper tonal
Quetzalcoatl practitioner
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Lineage - The Seers of Ancient Mexico

The text's of Carlos Castaneda, Taisha Adelar and Florinder Donner-Grau explain that the Seer's of ancient mexico developed and passed on - generation to generation - a set of practices that enabled the ability to perceive energy and other world's directly.

This Lineage of Don Juan and Carlos Castaneda, Carol Tiggs, Taisha and Florinda contains the means to acheive an impeccable life, a worthy life and one which articulates our natural talents.

As Don Juan explained, the final result of this path was 'a definitive journey of freedom' in the - so-called - third attention, where all realities merge and do not conflict. Practictioners can choose this as the objective of their practice if they wish.

The first attention is the conventional and ordinary reality of life (the Tonal, that we must master). The second attention (where we access the domain of The Nagual) is mastered in the more advanced aspects of Tensegrity - such as in (the gates of) dreaming, in grades of heightened awareness and through the subtle flow of our energy (and energy body) that can manifest in an infinte number of gateways according to our individual nature or alignment.

Thus, Carol, Taisha and Florinda with Nyei Murez and Reni Murez - their students and the Directors of Cleargreen - carry on this tradition, in a modern interpretation, so that the formidable realisations of the lineage of Ancient Seers may be shared and inherited by anyone with genuine interest.

The core practices of Tensegrity are thus accessible to anyone who wishes to convert what has been read (from the texts of Carlos, Taisha and Florinda) into manifest results as a warrior/practitioner.

Cleargreen presents Tensegrity through workshops, classes, private sessions, seminars, tours and such like with a supporting Tensegrity community worldwide.


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  1. Image top right, A nagual seer of the Plumed Serpent lineage (Quetzalcoatl) embraces his proper tonal. (this statue from Monte-Alban in Oaxaca, Mexico)
  2. Image top left, A practitioner of Inner Fire of the Plumed Serpent lineage. (this statue from Monte-Alban in Oaxaca, Mexico)
  3. Image left, A Plumed Serpent head (Quetzalcoatl). (photograph from the Quetzalcoatl temple-patio in Teotihuacan, Mexico)
  4. Background image, Monte-Alban sunken patio with a Quetzal in the relative foreground