A nagual seer embraces his proper tonal
Quetzalcoatl practitioner
Tensegrity Melbourne

Magical Passes®

Magical Passes® gather energy! We need energy to facilitate an increased awareness - there's no other way.

Please remember that the Toltecs used body positions to build awareness. By holding different positions from the ancient seers, the Toltecs brought themselves to deep states of silence, vision, and even a sense of non-linear time. These ancient body positions can be seen most easily today in the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City in the statues of the Atlantians, the Chacmools, and the sitting images of warriors.
Renata Murez

Practicing Magical Passes® (or energy passes) is the first main step in Tensegrity®. These passes increase physical wellness and relocate and correct physical and energetic misalignment.

Modern day practitioners engage the magical passes as a daily core practice, using them whenever a boost of clarity, intuition, and vitality is needed — to start their day, before important meetings, to make decisions, and for personal quiet guidance.

Over time, the continued practice of the magical passes, gives the practitioner a foundation, a kind of reserve of abstract energy, which can be called upon at any time to assist in key moments in their lives and in their journey towards enhanced consciousness and transformation.


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  1. Image top right, A nagual seer of the Plumed Serpent lineage (Quetzalcoatl) embraces his proper tonal. (this statue from Monte-Alban in Oaxaca, Mexico)
  2. Image top left, A practitioner of Inner Fire of the Plumed Serpent lineage. (this statue from Monte-Alban in Oaxaca, Mexico)
  3. Image left, A Plumed Serpent head (Quetzalcoatl). (photograph from the Quetzalcoatl temple-patio in Teotihuacan, Mexico)
  4. Background image, Monte-Alban sunken patio with a Quetzal in the relative foreground