A nagual seer embraces his proper tonal
Quetzalcoatl practitioner
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The Fundamentals of Tensegrity® Practice

The core practices of Tensegrity® are aligned around the three techniques to be mastered:
- Mastery of Intent
- Mastery of the Art of Dreaming and Awareness
- Mastery of Behaviour

The scope of these three techniques lie within both the conventional/known (tonal) and mystical/unknown (nagual) domains.

The main practices during sessions and classes

The key practices during classes and practice sessions are:

1. Movement (called Magical Passes®) Used for the generation and fostering of energy within the body. This energy is utilised for increasing awareness. This practice primarily relates to mobilisation of the energy body for awareness and the art of dreaming. Also see a further explanation of Magical Passes.

2. Awareness and Inner Silence When engaged in formal practice Inner Silence and Awareness are practiced both specifically and passively. Attention to settling the mind from inner dialogue (inner silence) and awareness of mental activity are key practices.

3. Dreaming Forward or Intending a New View Directing improved, whole and connected perception into constructive or beneficial outcomes for oneself and others. This practice relates primarily to the Mastery of Intent

4. Review and Recapitulation The release of blocked energy through the review and release of non-beneficial behaviour patterns and ways of perceiving.
This practice primarily relates to mobilisation of the energy body for awareness and the art of dreaming. Not all sessions will involve review but its importance can not be underestimated.

These four are the main concerns for practitioners during sessions.

Facilitator support activities during practice and class

Facilitators are engaged to provide practitioners with support during practice sessions and classes. Naturally, they direct the schedule of the class and provide the following to support practice:

5. General information about Tensegrity® related to the purpose of practice and it includes: explanations, allegories and further information about the model and manner of practice. This assists stability of practice and stabilisation of perception.

6. The Specific practices and information for the current subject
For example, when we are practicing 'Cyclicity II, Sensing the Moon' we will cover specific information about practices and see-ing and direction relevant to that subject.

Typically, when these practices are undertaken in a concentrated way the domain of the nagual (the unknown) will become entwined and arise naturally.

All practice relates to a change in perception

All practices fall into three generalised areas regarding the movement of the assemblage point of perception 1. Often practices mix together in terms of utility. They are:
- Practices relating to the 'intention to move' the assemblage point of perception
- Practices relating to 'having enough energy' to move the assemblage point of perception
- Practices relating to 'sustaining the new position' of the assemblage point of perception

Detailed explanations are contained within the lineage texts by Carlos Castaneda, Carol Tiggs, Florinda Donner Grau and Taisha Abelar.

1The Assemblage Point of Perception

The assemblage point of perception is the core component of sentient perception. This location - on the the human sphere (or egg) of energy - is where perception is aggregated and, when engaged with ordinary sense faculties, interpreted.

The key tenant (and assertion) of Tensegrity® (as established by the line of seers of Carlos Castaneda and Don Juan Matus et al) is that:

A new position of the assemblage point of perception results in the perception of partial or whole and complete perceivable worlds or realities, including the known and unknown (the tonal and nagual).

Thus, intending the movement, articulating the movement and sustaining the new point of the assemblage point of perception is the the beginning and end of the main path and practice of Tensegrity®.


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  1. Image top right, A nagual seer of the Plumed Serpent lineage (Quetzalcoatl) embraces his proper tonal. (this statue from Monte-Alban in Oaxaca, Mexico)
  2. Image top left, A practitioner of Inner Fire of the Plumed Serpent lineage. (this statue from Monte-Alban in Oaxaca, Mexico)
  3. Image left, A Plumed Serpent head (Quetzalcoatl). (photograph from the Quetzalcoatl temple-patio in Teotihuacan, Mexico)
  4. Background image, Monte-Alban sunken patio with a Quetzal in the relative foreground