A nagual seer embraces his proper tonal
Quetzalcoatl practitioner
Tensegrity Melbourne

Tensegrity® Workshops

At this time no workshops are offered in Melbourne. Please go to www.cleargreen.com and view the various workshops available throughout the coming year in Europe, Russia, Mexico and the US.

The current intention is to see a formal weekend Tensegrity® Workshop arrive in Australia no later than 2020.

For Australian practitioners, without exposure to shared practice, workshops in the US (lowest total cost) or Europe, provide a good sampling of the benefits of group practice.


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  1. Image top right, A nagual seer of the Plumed Serpent lineage (Quetzalcoatl) embraces his proper tonal. (this statue from Monte-Alban in Oaxaca, Mexico)
  2. Image top left, A practitioner of Inner Fire of the Plumed Serpent lineage. (this statue from Monte-Alban in Oaxaca, Mexico)
  3. Image left, A Plumed Serpent head (Quetzalcoatl). (photograph from the Quetzalcoatl temple-patio in Teotihuacan, Mexico)
  4. Background image, Monte-Alban sunken patio with a Quetzal in the relative foreground